Shadow in the Shape of

by Progress Band

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released November 29, 2013

Backing vocals and outro on Post-War (Apartment) written and recorded by Julian Wong
It Was a Slow Day written and recorded by Christoffer Schunk (
Drums on Boat to Japan Part I by Chris Burns
Boat to Japan Part II recorded by Chris Burns
All other drums are by "Mike the Drummer," edited by Zarko
All other songs written and recorded by Zarko
Mixed by Chris Burns
Mastered by Roger Seibel at SAE Mastering
Cover photo by Jonathan Baldari



all rights reserved


Progress Band Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Compartment
I stand in a window of sun
with a neighbors cat
just wondering exactly
what its staring at
'cause I spend most of my time now
gritting my teeth
as I spool away the day
waiting for someone to find me

The words mean nothing to me

Suicide comes to me
when I open my eyes
and I remember to forget
all my friends who have died
in the war against God
with Satan at their side
in the war against Satan
with God by their side!

The words mean nothing to me

One more day
in the search for my soul
I find a tin can
on the side of the road
Rusty and black
with it's lid long pried free
I don't know what it would do
if it didn't have me

There's a black hat in my closet
that rarely seems to fit
though it was only last Sunday
I got my head into it
The congratulations I met
was in my life unmatched
and the pain in my stomach
had dissolved at last

The words mean nothing to me

But today it's far too bright out
for me to see
so I'm stuck in this old cupboard
full of seeds
picking and choosing
what might be best to plant
though I have no shovel,
no ho and no hat.
Track Name: Post-War (Apartment)
I'm sorry
For never giving any pain
from me to you
and so there's nothing else
left for you to do
the face you see looking on you
from underground
is the same that you saw
when you're first around

In this war of wars, we only met for,
for a month, for a day

The hero takes off his hat
and makes a bow
the damsel catches the next
train to another town
I'd like to thank the audience
just for sticking around
to clap your hands and spread
your opinions about

In this war of wars, we only met for,
for a month, for a day

The enemy brought the drugs
and truth serum
and so there's nothing left
for the both of us to do but run
and because there might be a weapon
in every home
all I can say is I'll
miss you.
Track Name: The Devil
the devil
has taken my soul
though I never
signed any papers

and I have
nothing to show
'cause the devil
did me no favors

There was a time
when I had my feet
planted firmly
in the soil

but there came a time
when I had to eat
and I had
no pot to boil

and now I
cannot stay at home
no I cannot just
gnaw at this bone
Track Name: The Knife
You promised me
the knife
But all I caught
was a slice
And now I feel like
half a man
Something I've tried,
but can't make you understand

I gave you a cannibal
of an easter
And I don't talk about it,
but you're one hell of an eater
But the priest and shamans
heard about the feast
And they made you cry
and lie beneath their sheets

I built you a wardrobe
of scented cedar
And you buried your body
in every ounce of eather
and to compensate, you poured out
all your doctor's ether
But after all of that,
you're still clinging to your liter/leader

Last night I had my first
existential Ghosting
and I almost cried for
the fact you were not hosting
But now I know why God
could never have one man
And why we have killed
so God-damn many lambs
Track Name: Mouthblood
Let's do a slow dance
have every step another year
You'll feed me pain and I'll
surrender you the left side of my brain
and every other time
I hear someone say your name
a burning ache will light up
some part of myself I haven't saved

I stayed up nights building labyrinths for you
building labyrinths so you could find me

I knew I'd find you
standing apart a jury of your peers
flashing a noose woven of fine lace
and illegal cigarettes
I sent ahead to reserve my place
among your suitcase and your fears
But now they wait upon the tablecloth,
and dinner will be set

I stayed up nights building labyrinths for you
building labyrinths so you could find me

The last smile I saw you give
was on the death of your freedom
Looking manicly out the rear window
behind me into the dark
You said you'd left your evidence everywhere
the hounds were soon to come
It's sad us runners never get a holiday,
no one would trust us to take part

I stayed up nights building labyrinths for you
building labyrinths so you could find me

So I'll go on stumbling around this earth
trying to face my fears
Only to know some vague details of the
ones you've since gathered up
Until you burst into a fit of promises
waving hats far and near
and somehow you will still seem innocent,
and say it was all bad luck

I stayed up nights building labyrinths for you
building labyrinths so you could find me

Your cherry face is on a paper plane
lying at my bedside
And in my brain next to all the nonsense
you thought was intuitive
I know you will no longer talk me,
though you never told me why
Some kind of karma case you must make alone,
so without you we might live

I stayed up nights building labyrinths for you
building labyrinths so you could find me

I spent that winter alone freezing to death
north of here in a broken town
like an old man stuck in the attic who
wont leave his memories
studyin' a photograph of you, to see
if I could make your darkness out
distilled from deaths you've yet to see,
so you say, so you'll make it be.
Track Name: Cult of Criminals
There's a cult of criminals
who wear a bandage on each sleeve
and stay up nights running in place
to relive our memories
we do not mind when
the paper comes and shows our face
still there are some things
we would like to replace
the sun rises every day
and sets every night
the times we share won't be empty
or make it to the light

We don't have to give this up

You pour another drink for good measure
I agree it measures well
it's the best we'll ever do
to lose our fear of hell
we are older than
any book you've ever read
older than the ruler religion
law belief
and when you've grown old lived and been
forced into the hills
its an unwritten law
we will be here still

We don't have to give this up
Track Name: Boat to Japan Part I
1 I have walked across
every man I have met
I have run bleeding
from set to set
Making sure there were
no ants following
to drink the red nectar
of my learning

My Foot is Bleeding!

where there was doubt
I broke through the walls
where there was fear
I punctured our raft
until the blood was as high
as the clouds
until only our
confusion was left

My Foot is Bleeding!

2 on my shield I wrote
in pencil lead
God loves only the knees
eternally red
but I erased it and I
used pen instead
those who will die are only
those who're dead

Friends sewed drugs
into my clothing
it took me months to
wash them down
and with diamonds my mind
they were luring
so I ingested puzzles
and talked like a clown.

My Foot is Bleeding!

3 Memories come back
I once had a man in a clamp,
unable to move
he cursed all but me,
it was no crime
as he struggled hard,
almost wore his bones through

My Foot is Bleeding!

At night bloodstains
appear vividly
though I cannot tell
which came from me
'cause I only remember
fighting, crying, loving and
Track Name: The Mess
the only thing that I see is
a a bra standing in the corner
staring at me through an unbut-
toned polo tee sort of garment

there seems to be a coil pul-
sating in my ear but the on-
ly thing I seem to hear are the
faces far and near glistening

in a naked fear given up
to scowls and laughter. As I cross
the divide my skin goes from red
to white and my blood follows soon

after cold nights bring cold nights and
reveling in drunken fights as
I pass the flights and flights trying
to absorb the hanging lights in

order to fix my wire the
Sociologists collect in
throngs trying to decide what they
did wrong as I hear the one who

lives with me pulling strings of
jealousy and playing his part
to the T in only later to
admit that he has done his best

to master mediocrity
to obtain the bouncing god we
are all seeking I spread white glue
all over my face hoping to

achieve temporary stasis
and I make myself a foreign
meal with foreign utensils and
a foreign grill which I force the

gaggle to bear witness to who
chew their cud to keep their attri-
butes and recoil when I speak of
ancient kings, shrewd but without lux-
ury who built their castles in

the sky and surrendered them know
ing they would die and who in fact
did die some time later. As my
second face begins to melt I

make my way to bed and release
my belt given 5 minutes to
fall asleep as noise comes through the
walls incessantly before my

cohabitant returns in vio-
lent glee to kick his brain ex-
statically in preparation
for a game he plays alone now.
Track Name: Boat to Japan Part II
When I look in the mirror,
the face I see
seems much more
innocent than me
But I take a hint,
I don't close my eyes
I accept I'm criminal,
and I use my disguise

My foot is bleeding

Now I have
enemies turned
ones which never I would
have believed
and they say from
me much they've learned
though they see not my scars,
nor sigh heaved

My foot is bleeding

some do raise their eyes
in a greeting
some bare a frown
far more than fleeting
I just seek one
unlearned in this race
so I break the air with a scarf,
not my face

My foot is bleeding

I have seen the world,
and the world has waved goodbye
So I sit around this town,
watching God multiply
I ask what I can do,
there is no reply
So I sit around
watching love grow old and die

My foot is bleeding
Track Name: Simple Songs
I write simple songs now
I write simple songs now
I write simply songs now
I write simple songs now

'Cause there was too much to believe
'cause everyone told me to take it easy
'cause I still have so much to say
before I let them take me away

I write simple songs now
I write simple songs now
I write simply songs now
I write simple songs now

'Cause it's sunlight that keeps my fears away
and to a sunny audience is who I play
'Cause I have had much too much to drink
and I would prefer not to speak

I write simple songs now
I write simple songs now
I write simply songs now
I write simple songs now